Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil

Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil

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This nourishing oil blend is specifically formulated to bring out the best in textured hair, and is a powerful ally in your healthy hair journey.  It is filled with nutrient rich oils that increase blood flow to, and health of the scalp; fix bacterial scalp issues; and seal in moisture to protect the hair.  Consistent use of this oil blend results in healthier hair that has more elasticity and is capable of retaining length, since breakage and shedding are significantly decreased.

It works wonders on all textured hair types, making it perfect for use on the whole family.   One product on all heads in the house.  Now, that's what's up.  Use on either wet or dry hair, but for the most potent moisturizing effects, use on freshly washed scalp and hair.

(1) Diva sized bottle lasts up to 6 months

Products are made to order.  Allow up to three weeks for the manufacturing process


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