Embark on a Journey of Self Discovery Through Hair

  • Natural Hair Basics - Healthy Hair Must Do’s

    1 HR Deep dive conversation into healthy hair care. Perfect for beginners!


  • January | New Hair New Me - Your Ideal Healthy Hair Regimen

    Step in the new year the right way! Create a hair maintenance routine to help achieve your hair goals. Learn what healthy hair looks like on you.

  • February | Labor of Love - An End to Hair Frustration

    Managing curly and textured hair can be very stressful and challenging but it doesn’t have to be. Discover new methods that change the hassle into a labor of love.

  • March | Protective Styling - How Much is too Much?

    Extended wear styles are amazing but they can be damaging too. Learn how to keep your hair protected from “protective styles”.

  • April | Vacation Ready Hair - Prepping for Warmer Weather

    Textured hair is moody but instead of fighting it embrace it. Find out what your hair needs more of in the warmer months.

  • May | Being Consistent - Learning Patience

    Healthy textured hair requires dedication and commitment. It takes time, energy, and effort. Learn ways to balance with a busy schedule and clouded mind.

  • June | Mid Year Check - Are You Achieving Your Goals?

    We are halfway through the year, have you made progress? Learn simple ways to staying productive and stick to your goals.

  • July | Embrace the Poof - Learn to Love Humidity

    Humidity causes so much insecurity in the curly haired community. But what if humidity could help your hair get healthier? Use all your tools.

  • August | Back to School - Styles and Weekly Maintenance

    Let’s discuss all things related to school from bullying to regular hair maintenance. Discover how to make hairstyles last throughout the week.

  • September | Self Care Isn’t Selfish

    No more self neglect. Let’s discuss feeling guilty for doing self care. Your needs matter too.

  • October | Hair Care Horror Stories - How to Avoid Them

    Learn how you can avoid unnecessary big chops. We have made all the hair mistakes so you don’t have to. Find out how to improve your current routine.

  • November | Winter is Coming - Prepping for Cold Weather

    Winter is harsh on your skin so imagine what it does to your hair! Don’t get caught slippin’. Find out how to keep your hair safe in the harsh environment.

  • December | Gift to Yourself - Treat Yourself Like a Prize

    Reflect on the previous year and celebrate the wins. You made is another year and that’s something to be proud of. This is a celebration of self!