Moisturize All Textured Hair In the Household

Inclusive all natural hair care line

Safely Moisturize All Textured Heads in the Household

Are you tired of having to buy tons of products to meet the unique needs of the different hair textures in your household? Do you find that what moisturizes one head, dries another out, and that everything seems too heavy and tends to weigh strands down? Are you having a hard time finding a product line that works equally well on all textured hair types, that is also made from natural ingredients?

What if one hair care line could work wonders on all of the textured hair in your household? What if you could get fast results and experience healthier hair after the first use? What if everyone In the household could conveniently use the same thing, with nobody sticking out because their hair is too much of anything?

Try our all natural lightweight, non-greasy formulas that the whole family can use!

Easy ~ Effective ~ All Natural

See Fast Results on All Textured Hair Types

Moisture for All!

* High, medium, low porosity

* High or low density

* Chemically straightened, relaxed

* Naturally textured

* 2C-4C

Experience Healthier Hair After the First Use!

* Heal scalp issues

* Strengthen strands

* Reduce the effects of traction alopecia

* Reverse scalp psoraisis

* Reduce shedding & breakage

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ūüĎŹūüŹĺūüĎŹūüŹĺūüíÉūüŹĹ Get Healthier Hair for All Textured Heads in the Household! ūüíÉūüŹĹūüĎŹūüŹĺūüĎŹūüŹĺ

The Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil softens and conditions strands, increasing moisture absorption and elasticity of strands, as well as effectively treating various scalp conditions.

The Metamorphosis Moisture Lock Pomade further nourishes scalps and strands, and also seals moisture into textured hair like none other.


* Use on either wet or dry hair.

* For the most potent moisturizing effects, use on freshly washed scalp and hair; thereby, removing excess sebum and improving product penetration.

* For best results, use the oil 1st to increase the hair’s moisture absorption, and use the pomade 2nd to lock it in.

* Remember, when it comes to moisturizing our hair, water is our best friend! Partner water with the Metamorphosis oil and pomade, then experience markedly healthier hair.

Get our best selling Petite Duet oil & pomade Set

ūüíį Bundle & Save! ūüíį

~ Petite Duet Set ~

* (1) 4 0z - Mini me sized Metamorphosis Scalp & Hair Therapy Oil

* (1) 4 Oz - Mini me sized Metamorphosis Moisture Lock Pomade

Try (2) of our flagship Metamorphosis Hair Lengthening & Strengthening products and save.  Get everything you need for your healthiest textured hair care regimen.

Especially perfect for defined braid/twist outs, super moisturized wash and goes, as well as luxurious blow outs and flat irons.

Bundled Price: $36.00 | Price if purchased separately: $39.98

* Processing Schedule:  We ship once per month, on the 15th.  Orders received by the 1st of the month will go out on the 15th.

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