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It is so much easier to detangle my hair when I use this oil.  I have less breakage and am getting some length for the first time since I was a kid. 

L. Jackson

This oil is my go to pre-poo treatment.  The pomade is like miracle grow or something. My hair is so long now.  It's never been this long before.

A. Glover

These smell yummy.  Just used for the first time after a wash.  My hair hasn't felt this healthy in a long time.

Y. Williams

Metamorphosis Hair Lengthening & Strengthening Collection

The Essentials collection ~ hair tools that promote the healthiest ethnic hair


Testimonial picture of long black hair.  Her natural black hair is longer than it has ever been after she began using this all natural and effective product line.

Beyond Shoulder Length - FINALLY!

Insane MOISTURE and elasticity

Testimonial.  Customer is pleased that her hair is hydrated and moisturized after using this all natural oil.
Testimonial.  Customer has healthier more moisturized hair that defines and showcases her natural curls after using this all natural oil.

Say HELLO to Curl Patterns!

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The #StayUNIK blog page is a melanin mind menagerie. True to the mercurial nature of the creator of the Metamorphosis haircare line, our vlog/blog will offer up loads of interesting content - in no particular order.  Our posts may or may not be related to hair, but will always be true to our hearts. We hope our content positively shifts paradigms, opens eyes and expands minds, and causes you to question lots.  

We are always considering The Bigger Picture, and invite your feedback and topic suggestions.  Remember, if it matters to the community at large, we're ready and willing to shine a light on it and to start a conversation about it.

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3 Reasons Why I Think Spanking is Wack and Ineffective

3 Reasons Why I Think Spanking is Wack and Ineffective

"When you do not share your wisdom, but instead try to beat your kids into who you want them to be, you do not teach them to think for themselves.  They never learn to make their own good decisions.  They exist in a state of rarely feeling safe, of mental chaos, of wanting to get away - causing them to act out."